EUROPE: Oxygen Immunity Cure.

6-month cure of 48 cans of Oxygen Water® per month.

To drink every morning and one hour before lunch. Perfect for the whole family, even children.

This 6-month cure strengthens your body, strengthens your immune defenses and allows your body to no longer be under-oxygenated. Under-oxygenation is when there is sufficient oxygen in the air but the body no longer assimilates it properly.

This oxygen deficit is observed in the event of:

  • Air pollution and smoking;
  • Stress;
  • Intense physical exercise;
  • Advanced in age.

Oxygen Immunity Cure (6 months)

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Oxygen Immunity Cure
€52.00monthly/ 6 months
One-time purchase
  • Oxygen Water®  is a mineral water rich in oxygen, drawn from the Austrian Alps at the Lebensquell source, "Source of life" in English.

    Water without preservatives or artificial agents, in aluminum cans, infinitely recyclable. 

    Drinking oxygen-rich water means enjoying the best of water and oxygenating your body to get back in memory, motivation and concentration, in a completely natural way. 

    No more energy drinks that affect your health.

    For everyone, no adverse effects, contraindication and side effects.

    With this pack, you become a member of the MORE community and concretely participate in reducing plastic pollution, while oxygenating each cell of your body for your health and respecting the environment.