Frequently asked questions

How many cans of Oxygen Water® can you drink per day?

Once we are thirsty, dehydration has already started. It is recommended to drink one and a half liters of water per day, an equivalent of six cans.

Why is an aluminum can better than a plastic bottle?

75% of the aluminum produced since the beginning of the 20th century is still used. The OXYGEN WATER® can is made from 100% reused content. Unlike plastic bottles, it is infinitely recyclable. 60 days after being consumed, it is back on the shelves. Aluminum keeps water out of contact with porous plastic.

Plastic is the source of unprecedented pollution, pollutes throughout its life cycle, due to the diffusion of microparticles from the original product that contaminate all environmental areas (air, water and soil), but also all elements with which it is in contact. This is why a recycled plastic bottle is not a solution, it contributes to the problem and affects our health.

By signing up an #Oxygenproject subscription, in addition to showing that it is possible to do otherwise, you are making a concrete contribution to change by helping No More Plastic in its actions. 50% of each pack go to No More Plastic.

Is it dangerous to give Oxygen Water® to children?

No, there is no danger for children. Oxygen Water® is water without preservatives or artificial agents. Drinking water rich in oxygen means enjoying of the best of water and oxygenating your body to regain shape, energy, vitality, endurance, memory, concentration, in a completely natural way.For everyone, no contraindication and side effects.

What are the delivery times?

#Oxygenproject ships:

- in France: 2-4 working days *

- in Europe: 3-5 working days *

- in UK: 3-5 workings days *

* Delivery times are approximate and depend on the delivery service from Oxygen Water®’s partners Colissimo and UPS.

Warning: If you write wrong address when you order, please write to us ASAP to update your order. Please verify your delivery address. If your order has already been shipped, we will not be able to change the address and we will not be able to resend a package or give you a refund.